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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by knghtfxx-2 10 / 10

Batman...Japan Style

A very entertaining romp with Batman and crew sent back in time to Feudal Japan. Facing off against Gotham's best Baddies in a fight to get back to modern time. Big robots (what would a Batman movie in Japan be without big robots?), Helpful monkeys, Nightwing with the absolute best hair...Ever! If you're a fan of anime and huge loud fights, you'll enjoy this beautiful adaptation from Warner Brothers Japan.

Reviewed by jbcarr-06220 4 / 10

Really??? Someone actually WROTE this plot???

Artwork, great. Voice acting, ok... But story??? I don't know WHO is giving 9's & 10's for this, but if you like this Batman story hey, more power to you.

I was done with this after the first 20 minutes. I watched it all just cause I couldn't believe the writing.

Good grief...

The 4 of the 10 is for the artwork. It is nice.

Reviewed by wreuven 2 / 10

Script is just So bad.

Cliche after Cliche.

None of the characters have any personality including the Batman. Every line from a villain is of the "HAHA now I'll get you All" variety and every line from the Batman is delivered with the same dour monotone as if the Batman's "Darkness" exists only in his deep voice.

The artwork is good. Hard to understand why anyone would invest in million dollar artwork and then combine it with a ten dollar script.

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