Daphne & Velma


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ewaldfamilyof 9 / 10

Great, Refreshing, Funny for Intended Audiences

When my husband picked this movie up for our daughters who are 9 and 10, I hadn't even heard of it. I thought it would be something that they would probably watch, mildly enjoy and forget about. We put it on while we were all working on legos and before I knew it, they had stopped building completely and were watching it without distraction. I laughed so hard at so many parts of this film and so did my girls. It touches on numerous feminist ideas in very subtle ways like the mother being the girl boss and the dad being a stay at home dad, how one of their biggest fears was that there would never be a female president and that there is NO love interest what so ever for either of the girls. It was refreshing, and unexpectedly really funny. The music and wardrobe was great as well. By the end we were hoping that there would be a follow up in the form of a sequel, tv show or web series. We have owned it for 3 days and its been watched 3 times. This isn't meant for teenagers though- so I'm not sure how old the other reviewers were or what they expected but I and my girls were pleasantly surprised.

Reviewed by princesskendraforever 9 / 10


I didn't see this movie but I'm about this team. Please................................................................Do another movie with my gurls...................................

Reviewed by getaufan 8 / 10

First impression

This is amazing, I love it. But maybe next time Scooby Doo must be invited.

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