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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rachtherose-90501 10 / 10

Loved this movie!

This was a beautiful film. It is incredibly timely with themes of love, acceptance and coming of age. I laughed, I cried. Am taking my teenage daughter!

Reviewed by denverandrea 10 / 10

Great movie!

This movie was simply great. I've seen the trailer and I was like I have to see this someday and then I went to the cinema with my friends and I must say I was impressed by this movie. I didn't know what to expect from it and I wasn't totally hyped for it but after I saw it I couldn't stop thinking about it. It shows love in the most purest way possible and I got somehow attached to it because I still believe that love of this kind is possible in the real World and not only in the movies. The cast has been great. Actress Angourie Rice who played Rhiannon has been awesome and all of the people who played A has been perfect. I truly believed their acting that all of those actors has been the same person. Simply this is the best movie I've seen in a while and I can't wait for it to be released on a DVD. I will for sure watch it again. Loved the book, loved the movie. There should me more movies like this one. Totally love it and totally love Rhiannon and A. Great job. Simply perfect and beautiful movie. I recommend everyone to watch it.

Reviewed by Hot 888 Mama 8 / 10

There's a candy bar jingle that goes "Sometimes you feel like a nut . . . "

" . . . sometimes you don't." EVERY DAY makes this a double or nothing proposition. Like most if not all Canadian films, EVERY DAY pretends that it's 100% American, taking place in or referencing Baltimore, Washington, DC, Phoenix, Chicago, and New York City. In reality, EVERY DAY is a body snatcher flick which perfectly captures America's Canadian threat. The actors and extras PRETENDING to be Americans during EVERY DAY are, in reality, overwhelmingly Canadian, filching U.S. jobs and box office receipts under false pretenses. As always, these insidious foreigners realize that no right-thinking U.S. Citizen will have ANY interest in this far-fetched EVERY DAY tale IF the movie people are truthful about it being filmed in Canada. So the USA's Northern Threat brazenly tries to foist off Toronto's skyline as New York City's (!), some Canadian vacant lot as NYC's Central Park, and so forth. The crux of EVERY DAY is that Canada's mad scientists are plotting to come up with a way for each of their dissatisfied inhabitants to achieve their dream by pushing we U.S. folks out of our brains in order to take possession of our stuff and our lives, which they so desperately covet.

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