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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rayannamae 10 / 10

The Best Anime\Manga to Live Action Adaptation I Have Ever Seen

I'm going to try to keep my review as simple as I can, but I have been a huge fan of the FMA manga/anime for years so that might be a little tough.

Casting: 10/10 (I really could not imagine anyone else playing any of the characters.)

Acting: 10/10 (Amazing. just great. The way they worked so hard and brought the characters to life was just beautiful)

CGI: 9/10 (It's not that it was bad, but I liked some of the CG better than other parts. Like the fire and Al was my absolute favorite! And the way everyone interacts with the CG is amazing)

Story Flow: 8/10 (I agree with most, there was a few parts that were a little slow/a little fast but overall it was a great story. I especially really enjoyed the 1st half and most of the 2nd)

Costuming: 12/10 (don't even get me started. They did perfect my dudes. Ed's coat was epic and the blue uniform were just the best)

Dialogue: 10/10 (The fact that most of the dialogue was word for word from the original content brought me to tears)

Music: 9.5/10 (There is actually only one place that I noticed that I didn't like the music. Actually, it was that there was no music that bothered me, and it was only like 3 seconds long. Yeah maybe I'm being picky, but to me music is very important, and so I couldn't help but be pulled out of the flow a little in one scene. besides that, they were totally spot on)

Accuracy to the Original: 9/10 (True, they don't stick to the timeline very well, but 90% of the content in the movie has happened at some point in the series, so I can't give them any less than 9/10)

Over all I'm going to give it a 10/10. mainly because I have never seen an anime to live action adaptation do as absolute wonderful as they did with this movie.

Now, there will be people who don't like it, and that's fine. It does have a specific taste and feel that not everyone will like.

I will say, if you go into this movie expecting it to be a recreation of the original manga/anime then you will probably be a little disappointed.

But if you go into it understanding that they had to create a story that fits into 2 hours, not knowing if there was going to be a 2nd movie, and understand that it is an adaptation not a recreation, then I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Reviewed by tommy-spinelli 9 / 10

idk why people are complaining

People had their expectations up way too high.. i was surprised it was a great movie, looking forward to the sequel, alot of unanwsered questions.

hopefully we see scar, armstrong, and possibly king bradley
and more details about the kids father in the next movie.

Reviewed by steventhegreat 9 / 10

The Best Anime Adaptation I've Seen So Far (Which Isn't Hard To Beat)

Honestly it makes me laugh how salty some of the FMA fans are. After reading reviews I had very low expectations (like live action Death Note or Dragonball Evolution low). And it VASTLY exceeded my expectations.
First - the bad:
-Occasional jank CGI - this is to be expected in a Japanese movie. And honestly it was actually GOOD in some parts. But just mediocre in some others, and a little hokey in a few places. But even in its mediocrity, it tried to encompass the look of the anime.
-Missing the full cast. Part of this was it ended unfinished on purpose. It left room for part 2. MINOR SPOILER: Luis Armstrong, Bradley, Father, etc. Were not even in this movie because they never got that far into the plot. This is fine. It is actually a good point because they didn't try to rush it all in.

The Good:
-Everything LOOKED on point. The characters looked like the anime characters. The locations looked good too.
-The characters. What? I thought they were bad? No. They encompassed the original anime characters fantastically. I felt genuine emotion from the hughes and nina scenes that I hadn't felt in years since watching the anime the first time. They did these scenes very well within the limited ~2 hour runtime they had.
-The story. Again - for an anime adaptation with a limited 2 hour runtime, they encompassed the critical parts of the story, and in my opinion, WITHOUT compromising like most movies do. The movie really felt like watching FMA. They didn't rush through to the end of it, they stopped where they thought a good stopping point would be. And it actually felt right. I don't know what fans were expecting - they would have hated it if they would have rushed it through completely.

Overall, I was very pleased with the movie, and would even watch it again or recommend it to my friends who are FMA fans. This movie is close to the best-possible realistic scenario for a FMA anime adaptation.

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