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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by caseyandrysiak 10 / 10

all in.

intimate look at the incredible ministry of a few people willing to humble themselves and their time and their talents to bring encouragement and hope and happiness to millions. The very personal interaction with the band members, families, and global fan base keeps the watcher's attention and begs the question, what am I doing - or can I do - right now to share a message of love and compassion? I'm pretty sure the band members are wearing the same outfit(s) for the entire movie; they live with in- laws/modest homes, and share vehicles - their attitudes, dress, language - how can one not want them to continue to share their message and to reach as many people as possible? Watch the movie with an open heart - it's more about the band members testimony and journey than about watching a live concert.

Reviewed by Jeremy Richey 10 / 10

A movie about imperfect people in an imperfect world, trying to be a light in the dark to others.

I watched this in the theatre with about 7 other people, it was a spiritual experience. It was really nice to see the struggles people go through and overcome, and how God on occasion picks you up and walks you past the point where you would fail.

It also just instilled in me a view of the Church as it ought to be, without walls. There was a horror flick a couple doors down, with people waiting to get in. I think that if they had watched this instead, they would have had a memorable night, and left with more love and a stronger bond towards their brothers and sisters on earth, instead of weaker one.

It's nice to see light amid the darkness. Hopefully the right person will walk into the theatre to check it out, and start their journey on the path that leads back home.

Reviewed by Shaune-Sterling 10 / 10

A movie the demonstrates the hard work and faith inveigled in making a Hillsong Album

I watched this movie in the theater when it first came out. I loved this movie not only for the great songs it had like their famous song "oceans" but also that the movie is done in a more documentary style. If you are a fan of Hillsong Church and or their music, you will surely enjoy this movie.

It is a spirit filled, encouraging film that will stir your faith through the ups and downs and grant you a fresh perspective of how God has moved, and continues to move to do bigger and greater works through the ministry of their church, proving that indeed, there is more.

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