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as Katja Sekerci
as Danilo Fava (Lawyer, Nuri's friend)
as Nuri Sekerci (Husband)
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by carolethecatlover 10 / 10

From nothing: Bad English language title gives no indication of this powerful story.

The German title 'From nothing' better expressed as The Emptiness. Literally it is 'out of nothing', even that is better.

Diane Kruger pops up in many English Language and French language films, performing competently and never aging, quite in addition to her day job as Muse to Karl Lagerfeldt. Here, speaking German, looking like a tattooed low life, she is Oscar worthy. She doesn't have much to say, but looks say a thousand words. The camera is so reluctant to leave her face. All the other actors, totally unknown to audiences outside Germany, are superb, her husband, and her lawyer as German born Kurds deserve particular mention for believable honest performances. The story is compelling with a slow burn and very plausible set-backs and twists. There is a court scene that it is impossible to look away from. A lack of familiarity with German legal proceedings makes it all the more riveting. The ending is dramatic and European. This film should be up for 'Best Foreign Language film' Oscar. It deserves a wide release in Australia.

Reviewed by Rincewind799 9 / 10

Almost too real...

Only after I saw "Aus dem Nichts" I realized the distance felt watching foreign movies, that keeps me safe from too much emotional contact. As a German this movie felt so real, depicting real events (apart from the ending) and knowing these evil bastards are still among us, planing their next move.

The ending could have been more satisfying, but this was probably the only realistic conclusion for a mother and wife, that lost everything.

Diane Kruger was amazing, tears were shed and after the credits rolled, I needed another 10 minutes to get up.

Very powerful movie, but you should be in the right mood.

Reviewed by Simon 9 / 10

Hate, tears and sorrow.

"Aus dem Nichts" is a great movie, partly based on real events.

In its core it's tearing the viewer apart between justice and misery.
Great performances from Diane Krueger but also the rest of the cast create a picture that allows the viewer to feel the pain that is portrayed in this picture.
Thus, a dramatic and emotional picture is created.

The movie felt very real and close to the audience, since a setting is created that we all can relate to in a certain way.

As the movie takes rather unpredictable turns it leaves the viewer behind in disbelieve that this movie is based on real events.

If you are looking for a great German movie, that is moving and irascible, you're good to go.

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