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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paburgio 10 / 10

Real History

Finally, a Biblically accurate film from the Old Testament. Epic in it's scope, this film will find a wide audience, not just Christians. Bravo!

Reviewed by godgirlprincess 10 / 10

Don't listen to the critics ...

This was a well done movie that pretty accurately follows the Biblical narrative. Samson is one of my favorite Bible characters and I enjoyed the 1949 film Samson and Delilah. This one was way better on several levels. There is more depth to the characters and more realistic fight scenes. It did not disappoint. Go watch it and decide for yourself!

Possible Spoiler Alert

I do hope they plan on making a David film next as it seemed to be hinting at toward the end of the film. I'd be thrilled!

Reviewed by Genna2018 10 / 10

How Samson 2018 changed my heart & opened my eyes

THE BEST MOVIE EVER! The portrayal of Samson and his love for God yet his weakness as a human and sinner, made me love God more. I always judged Samson as one who was ordained for a great purpose, yet gave it all up for the love of philistine women who led him astray, blinded him and eventually lost his life. But that's the short version. Taylor James was so full of emotions, who portrayed Samson as a Man of God, yet a Man of love, who wants what every human wants, to love and be loved. Then I realized, I am no different than Samson, struggling to obey the will of God and following my own desires. Samson, and the actor Taylor James effectively made me feel love and admiration for his devotion to a Great God who gives him strength, and fall in love with him as a man in love. Pretty powerful.
Rallah, the King, Delilah were also very effective. I h*ted Delilah, for causing the downfall of Samson. But in the movie, Delilah was beautiful on the outside and kind and loved Samson. The movie helped me to understand why he would fall in love with her and not just lust for her. There's a line where she says to Samson, I was jealous of Terek because she found herself a good man, about Samson. Who wouldn't fall in love with a strong beautiful man who loves God? The worst part was when Delilah asked Samson the third time for the secret of his strength, and I wanted to yell "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" out loud in the theatre.
I fell absolutely in love with SAMSON, who was sweet, genuine, humble at times, fearless at other times, a man in love and a warrior for both love and God. He made me wish I was a Nazarite and didn't drink. I cannot wait for the movie to come out on DVD, so I can own it, watch it and cry. I refrained from going back to the movie on Saturday, Sunday and Monday! I want to take my 7 kids and my family in a couple of weeks. I am hoping that PureFlix will be making Davvid! Because if it is anything like Samson, I am completely overwhelmed! Samson joins my list of Great men, Joseph and King David. Some will see a bible epic. I thought it was a ministry in itself with so many messages on so many levels. I thank God for each person who created Samson 2018! My new favorite movie. Highly recommend it.

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