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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wazzupp-16348 10 / 10

What didn't this movie make me feel.

Drama, action, comedy, it did it all. All that I can say is that this movie is the peek of mankind's existence.

Reviewed by suckstobeyoutoo 10 / 10

A cinematic experience like no other.

Sherlock Gnomes is an achievement in cinema. The wonderful sequel to the hit film 'Gnomeo & Juliet' left me in awe as I left the cinema, dying to know what further adventures for our two unforgettable heroes. Thankfully, it did not disappoint.

Reviewed by monkeypants-37613 10 / 10

A fantastic take on Sherlock Holmes

I went to see this movie expecting little to nothing, but what I got in return was a fully developed well made animated movie. That contained no "twerking" or "fart jokes" like in the trailer (I think they were only animated for the trailer, not too sure why). The movie is smart and funny, it has good messages for kids and maybe even adults. Super action packed and also for any Sherlock fans, I spotted a couple sherlock related easter eggs.
It is not only exciting but very beautifully animated and the lighting is also stunning. I think that this take on Sherlock Holmes is a very different one but still stays true to Conan Doyle's story (the easter eggs are very clever). I believe it is a good way to introduce kids to those characters.

It is also impressive since this movie came from Paramount which has little to no experience in the animation world. I have no idea how the creators of this movie were able to make "Sherlock Gnomes" into a really great animated movie, that is closer to a Disney or Pixar type movie then an illumination movie.

Last thing, not too sure why its getting such terrible reviews (19% on rotten tomatoes) I would say at worst some parts of the movie are mediocre, but it still does not deserve 19%. Some people really must have it out for this film.

highly recommend :)

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