Snake Outta Compton


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dark_Lord_Mark 8 / 10

Low Class, Stereotypical, Offensive, and Trashy B-Movie Satirical Fun

This movie was a low budget, yet well shot fun schlock.

It was a satire or a campy play on thugs in the hood whose only way out of the hood is their brains.....and rap.

It's a refreshing B-movie concept. Along the way in Compton, the Whitest sounding Black guys and the Blackest sounding White guy are enemies in the a fore mentioned Compton.

Their are babes being babes, and guys acting overly macho, and the movie is fantastic. Set your expectations on, it's not "Citizens Kane," and you'll enjoy this movie.

It features over the top acting, bad rapping, some stripping and it is very much recommended.

7.5 out of 10 easily. Fun concept, and never boring.

Reviewed by mformoviesandmore 8 / 10

Surprisngly well made budget fun flick

I have seen the original it was based on but that seemed to have a fairly standard story and was easy to pick up from this endeavour.

Good acting, and well above average for the type. Well shot and well constructed. A bit loose in the second half but comes together well.

For a bit of light relief it is a good option.

Reviewed by Gino Cox 4 / 10

Low-budget parody with clever script

Snake Outta Compton (2018) offers an intelligent script, combining the ridiculous with ridicule and subtle parody. However, despite the participation of five credited writers, it feels under-written. The producers did a reasonable job, working with an evidently limited budget. The special effects are rudimentary, but not laughably amateurish. The actors all seem invested in their roles. Some of the humor is sophisticated, particularly a dream sequence involving Rutherford B. Hayes and two deceased rappers.

It's possible to produce memorable, critically respected, financially successful films on modest budgets. Movies that come to mind include Kenny (2006), Dark Star (1974), Clerks (1994), Locke (2013) and Dinner Rush (2000), although not all were equally successful on each criterion. If one strips away all the elements of blockbusters that aren't available on shoestring budgets, such as A-list talent, huge casts of Bollywood dancers, car chases through throngs of tourists at exotic locations, armies of animation artists, specially constructed cities, 70mm Panavision cameras, etc., the one critical element is a brilliant script. SOC has a good script, but it's not good enough to overcome the production limitations, even with heartfelt performances and competent editing and production values.

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