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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by artworks-5 10 / 10

Negative reviewers are philistines

I've never written a review before but am saddened and taken aback by the vitriol of certain reviewers of this masterful and subtle film. The production, the cast, and the story are all captivating and moving. I needn't go into a synopsis of the story as others have more or less done so. I will say that it is a big "little" film that tells of small town politics and human dynamics with great compassion and sensitivity. It also tells an honest story of what all too often happens to an outsider. Book lovers will especially appreciate it.

Reviewed by bittybabys04 8 / 10

I enjoyed this movie thoroughly.

I have never bothered to write a review before so here it is. A young widow of 16 years pursues her dream of owning and operating a bookshop in a fictional village, Hardbourough, Suffolk, UK.. She, Mrs. Green, is a woman of integrity, (Emily Mortimer). We come to know her by how she treats others and the developing relationships she has in this new town of hers. The young people of the story, Christine, the young local girl working in the bookshop, even though she doesn't like to read. The young boy, Wally, running errands and delivering correspondence from Florence to Mr. Brundish (Bill Nighy). They come to admire Florence Green, seeing her courage as she goes against the wishes of the local socialite, Violet Gamart. (Patricia Clarkson) . Violet is a nasty piece of work invoking a deep disdain in ones emotions. The story is full of examples of strength of the human spirit and how good eventually overcomes wickedness in unpredictable ways. The last scenes make the entire film worth watching,(a tad slow I'll admit) , until you get there and unexpectedly see how this charming story delightfully ends.

Reviewed by timjohnson-10201 8 / 10

A delightfully soft film that draws your emotions in many directions

Diane and I saw this marvellous English film this afternoon, and as with many movies we watch together we have diametrically opposite views of the film. Generally, Diane felt that the movie left the characters too hollow in that those characters gave the viewer too little upon which to judge anything about them-they had no substance.

I, on the other hand, had no difficulty with the film. I saw the movie, not as reality but as a spere of imagination: imagination where the viewer skates over the outline of the film as presented by the writer and director. In essence, the movie should be seen as a metaphor for human actions in any sphere.

I almost felt that the movie was like one of those old-fashioned board games like Clue where any character could win given the confines of the instructions; who will get the business: Ms X, Mrs T, or Mr Y, Etc. I sat back and enjoyed my popcorn enveloped in the softly drawn characters and Englishness of the scenes.

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