The Inhabitants


Horror / Thriller


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by prth_gswm 9 / 10

One of the best scary movie since The Conjuring

Before watching The Inhabitants I had almost zero expectations but it turned out to be a super scary ride.I still remember the day when it was first uploaded in a torrent site and i ignored it but somewhere down the line on my mind i had a doubt on my decision because the cover art was looking promising to me then all of a sudden i changed my mind and downloaded it later i realized that my previous decision of not downloading it was wrong.The story revolves around a couple gets more than they bargained for when they buy an historic bed and breakfast in New England only to discover that the old house is hiding a dark secret within its walls.The story sounds familiar to every haunted house movie but execution here is different from the rests.It has a lot of jumps and scares.The creepy atmosphere is terrifying and scary looking spirit backfires.Trust me i found this movie to be one of the scariest movie since The Conjuring. If you love to watch scary movies with not much gore in it then The Inhabitants is perfectly made for you. So what are you waiting for? Just give it a go. Strongly Recommended.

Reviewed by rfox14 9 / 10

Great Horror Film

I enjoyed every minute of this film, scary? yes plenty to make you jump. Good acting makes you believe it is really happening and a very atmospheric theme, I don't give out any plots because I think you can read all about the film itself on places like IMDb but suffice to say my review is what I see from an audience point of watching. I listened to it through my headphones so I maybe heard more sounds than the average viewer, good plot jumps in the right places even when you expect something to happen it is still unnerving. Good directing from the Rasmussen brothers {the ward and dark feed}give it a try you may be pleasantly surprised.

Reviewed by citvprod 8 / 10

In a nutshell - go this this!

In a nutshell - go this this! I was lucky enough to attend a special premiere screening at Somerville Theatre! It is a contained horror film about a couple that acquire a Salem, MA bed and breakfast and soon find it's haunted. While that might not sound like the most original horror story, it's an interesting take on the haunted house concept. It is a throwback to 80s horror films that slowly build to the scares and gore. In a way it reminded me of Ti West's House of the Devil, not the story, but the pacing and tone. Both had an undercurrent of tension throughout. This is a great example of what one can do on a low-budget and still be scary and creative with limited resources.

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