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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kartz1 10 / 10

The Midnight Man is killer!

Loved it. Scary and well done. That's my review. I want more.

Reviewed by fontella-20359 10 / 10

classic horror

We had dinner and a movie with friends tonight and we chose "Midnight Man" to watch. I haven't watched horror movies in a while because they've become trashy and predictable, so I was skeptical. I'm glad I agreed to watch it. I enjoyed it. I think Travis Z, his Staff and Cast did a great job. Midnight Man was scary and thrilling. It reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock horror with modern day graphics. I also like the fact that the people weren't idiots. There were a couple of humorous moments as well. I don't want to give it away, you'll have to see for your self so I'll stop here.

Well done Travis Z and the rest of your Cast and Staff.

Reviewed by kelliecharles 8 / 10

Its been done before but still worth the look.

As most horror movies over the past years, this movie has the same rings as others that have come before it.

Having two horror icons such as Englund and Shaye you expect a certain quality about it. I enjoyed it, had some jump scares, a mental mind bump and an ending which was slightly predictable but still played out well.

I recommend if you watch it to watch with an open mind and just enjoy this horror for what its worth. Slight gore, jump scares and a fairly good and twisted storyline.

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